It’s a wrap

I want it all I don’t want nothing lesser / I was just a young kid storing money in the dresser/ coming up trying to be bigger than my oppressors/ machine flow, mind like a compressor/ they hate me for being me yet they fake as cross-dressers/ shame how I gotta school dudes call me professor/ and she gone learn today/about this long dick/. Hit the pussy once Leave her have her throwing fits/I say damn bitch/put on your Outfit/meet me in my office/ nigga say I got no game, Little do y’all know my first bitch was married/ if y’all were yourselves y’all will be lamer than Harry/ imposter’s yo gets no pussy yall cheating using hands like potters/ you playing games I’m the real fucking monster/ this feels wrong it’s too easy next time come at me right/ no I can’t freestyle for shit but the shit that I write/ that’s the sickest shit you ever heard/ God flow leave you hanging on every word/ and I only speak the truth these other niggas saying words/ damn straight murked/ truth hit him where it hurt/ these niggas ain’t shit put them in the dirt/

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